Saturday, September 12, 2009


Immortality is something that has perhaps been the most sought after thing in the past.

Life is about survival of the fittest for most but growing up around my 'mother' i have realized i don't want to live like that, for me it is about co-existing and leaving a smile on peoples faces.
Everyone wants to be remembered. Even me.. A lot of people try any achieve this by collecting vast amounts of money and material possessions but those things pass hands when you die and the source is soon forgotten, another thing you could do is play Hitler or something similar and you will stain the pages of history for generations to come with your name...

The best thing you could do in my opinion is to reach out and help whoever you can, even in the smallest ways and they may not know your name etc but you will be immortalized in their memory forever as you will have brought a little appreciation to them and perhaps even a smile to their face.

This is how to be remembered. This is being immortal.

PS- I THINK i came up with this sitting in a boring psychology lesson but i could be wrong, if someone knows if i picked it up unknowingly from somewhere please let me know so i stop imagining its mine...