Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who Is God- An Afterthought...

There has to be a God. This is one argument believers have always been able to flatten me with. I will elaborate.

Both Atheists and Believers ( I will call them Children Of God from now on for the sole purpose of my own amusement) accept that the universe is an object of immense complexity. Now children of God always ask me how such a complex system could just randomly come into existence without the help of a supernatural being, a greater architect planning it all and putting it together. To be honest when I try and think about as complex a thing as the universe my head starts to spin and i lose perspective since it reminds me just how small we all are. This is not the point.

The point is yes, I don't know. I have no answer, but what I do now have is another question. Okay, i concede i cannot answer the universe question but can a a child of God tell me this. Who is God, who made God? Can such a complex and all powerful being just come into creation? How was God made? Who decided God should be the Alpha and the Omega? Why not me?

Please don't say God just is... Because then I can easily say the universe just is and we are back to square one...

Friday, August 14, 2009

An afterthought... (Part 3)

"The rudiments have always been misinterpreted during history,
despite the good intentions of many disciples who's faithful believe was strong and unswayed.
Most leaders interpret the old words to their
advantage in the attempt of gaining leadership and power
over those unfortunate enough to fall under their maliciousness and manipulative ways.
This misuse of trust will forever stain the pages of history,
echoing the exploitation and the frailty of decent
men carried away by nurtured rancour..."


I heard this in a song by a band i have taken a liking too recently... From this we can basically say that yes Religion and Capitalism go hand in hand but as Eizzy said, they are not necessarily a result of one another. But, religion has been a tool of those in power for centuries. Even now in this day and age we see it with Islam. Some individuals have manipulated scriptures from the Koran in order to have their followers do their will. In turn the western world has not done it's part to protect the stature of Islam but have further burned these stereotypes into the minds of the people in order to justify their 'war on terror.'

"This misuse of trust will forever stain the pages of history."

Anyway, this was me blowing up a small point a little excessively but it is something that has deeply annoyed me over the years. I invite anyone to say i am wrong about it though....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Image:None: Faith-Eating

Some Good Reading

Image:None: Faith-Eating

Whatever I Called The Last One... This Is Part 2

Since Eizzy.K Decided to jump the gun and write part two in the comments of the first one, rather than repeat what he/she/it said I'll quote:

"Its true, capitalism and religion have always gone hand in hand, but it’s the capitalists, those smart bastards, who used and abused religion for their own gain, have been doing so even in biblical days…eg. The Pharasis…there’s even a part in the bible when they used the church as a market place of sorts and Jesus flipped out…yeah…

The Communists ( less tactful than the capitalists) tried to get rid of religion, and we all know how communism was such a flop.

Looking back on time, like the French revolution, when people got fed up of giving money to the church which ended up in peoples pockets, they rebelled and banned religion (but mainly because it was so connected to the monarchy ).

Revolution became their religion, but even then, after the death of king Louis and the establishment of the first form of democracy (committee of public safety then council system)-all run by the leading revolutionists- people in power still abused this system to suit their own personal gain and interests (like sending people they just didn't like to the guillotine as “traitors” yet they had done nothing).

It was a bloody time, and people came to hate them even more than they hated the church!

Eventually Napoleon came along and re established Catholicism as well as practice of any other religion in France.

He recognized the importance of religion, called it “the social cement” as it had a way of keeping people together…

still, he re established it and manipulated it in his favor, although on the surface the kept the state and church separate…"

To add, Eizzy says they go hand in hand but are not a result of one another. Which i agree with but they are tools of one another. As Eizzy said, the French did get rid of it but it ended up being anarchy and mass executions. Again this is reductionist but the point is, religion is/was a tool of social order.

The Church seems to be losing power but they still seem to be able to do what the rest of us can't. Elude that bastard the Tax man. Now there is an act of God. Next time that IRS bastard comes knocking it may be an idea to form a cross with your fingers. See if it repels him...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Clear Thinking In Troubled Times.... (Part 1)

Now where did i get that title from? I am so sure i have heard it somewhere. Anyway...

I have always heard of these get rich early retirement schemes. Haven't we all? It has come to my attention that the church is not taxed in most countries regardless of how much income in generates. This amazes me but i understand why. Another thing is the priest is entitled to about 20% of the money given in. This doesn't sound like much but a small following of lets say 100 people giving in $1 each on Sunday, that equals to $20 for an hours 'work'. Yes, that is peanuts but what about 1000 followers? And who says they are going to give only $1? Or even better, the Catholics who give Tithe (That's ten percent is it not?) Now that is how to ensure retirement in style. This is not a bad option to fall back on if not all goes to plan in the future. And the best part is, those assholes in power (What a blunt statement considering they have never done anything to offend me... Then again they have never done anything to please me which they are taking my tax money to do) will not get a single cent of it! Of course the other option is staring up a gambling ring or casino but of course, taking peoples hard earned money like that is way bellow me, I'll stick to church plans...

Anyway, on a more serious note, jokes aside, why does this happen. Religion seems to be one of the biggest money making scams ever. Again i'm going to specifically target Christianity but that is only because i am more familiar with it. Capitalism. This is the main structure of society today. Is it not coincidental that the same group of people that started and controlled the church started capitalism? Lets hold the capitalism for now and push back even further in history.

The Dark/Middle ages...

How did kings manage to milk their empires of wealth day after day with little question or uprising? Answer- religion. The king was second in power to God. Why didn't he make himself the Alpha? Because it was useful to be able to use God as a scapegoat for questions he could not answer or actions that could not be justified. This was also a good way of keeping people content, after all he was not taking people's lively hood etc for personal gain, he was only doing God's will. The Church kept the people in check by scaring them into submission for the king and in return they were handsomely rewarded with money in plenty (And little altar boys... Why can i never resist this joke?!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Open Minded

Just thought i would re-post this video Holey Hands showed me. Really worth watching and nicely compliments what i said.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What The Hell Is Wrong With Believers?!

After yet another conversation (If you can call it that) with a so called 'Child Of God' I have been infuriated and the keys on my Macbook are paying the price now by being hammered down with rather inappropriate brutality.

It really has started to get to me that these 'believers' keep calling me a closed minded 'Hater'. I'm going to be even more specific here. Its the Christians! Muslims seem to accept what you are and generally listen to your views before getting annoyed (If at all) and putting their point across. Christians on the other hand seem to be very childish. At least most of them are. Pardon the ethnocentric comments for now...

Closed minded. That's what I keep being called. This seems to be the most commonly played card in their hand. Lets break this down.

A closed mind (or closed-minded) is someone unreceptive to new ideas or information.

(This is a definition from Not the best source of information in my opinion but it will serve. If you want something to be accepted by the masses as a truth, just post it on there.)

So what the hell makes me closed minded? I have read the Bible, Qu'ran and Tripitaka and given them all alot of time. I was raised a Christian so I did give that a chance. So that just about covers me... I have given these ideas a chance. Its alot of believers who are the bloody closed minded ones.

Now, when i have a religious debate with someone I try and argue my points rationally and logically. I have been attacked because of this on the grounds that I cannot be argueing logically or rationaly about religion. Wrong! Maybe YOU can't but i can! Anything can be arued rationally and logically if it has a valid point but if it can't, then thats obviously a stupid idea and i don't see how anyone can believe it.

Its alot of these people who come accros as closed minded to me. The scream this at me and then proceed to argue the point with comments like "You just need faith." Now a statement like that is not a good arguement... Its a childish point, that's what it is. Another of my favourite ones is "You'll know we were right when you burn in hell" now that is just stupid. That may be true but what does it have to do with anything? Here is a prime example:

"In hundreds of years we have not seen any obvious acts of God? Why?"

"You will burn in hell!"

Uhm yeah... Burn in hell i will...

All im going to say is if believers want to discuss these things, then lets do it like we are older than a five year old with an attention span of a goldfish. They say sceptics are insensetive and rude but hey, i think it's the other way around...

My keyboard has suffered enough....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

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