Saturday, October 31, 2009

Global Warming- The Horseshit Behind It...

Yes i thing the whole global warming is something blown up too much. (Looks of shock all around)

My favorite argument of all. Is it going to rain in seven days time and what will the temperature be? No-one can accurately give me an answer so don't try and tell me you can tell me what the temperature will be in 50 years.

The world MIGHT be getting warmer but it's not our fault.

(Right Click and select view image to see properly) Too tierd to upload again.

Take a look at that diagram, notice carbon levels are rising and falling and so are global temperatures? Someone want to explain? Perhaps the dinosaurs were burning fossil fuels? There are explanations but they are irrelevant. Point is, humans were not involved. We are simply in the rising limb of that temperature graph. We humans try to take too much credit for things.

Random bit of information. Remember the pre-eighties? I don't, i wasn't born yet, but still. Some may remember the world shaking at the thought of GLOBAL COOLING. What happened to that one?


In my opinion, the temperatures being compared to could be largely inaccurate. They say the earth has warmed up by what? about 1-3 degrees Celsius? Maybe but lets not forget we are comparing that against temperatures taken in the early 1900. Guess what, the thermometers used were not that accurate, so this could have changed the results.

Look at the list of scientific minds who are for Global Warming. They are all mathematicians and Physicists, their work is on paper. All theory. Look at a list of those who oppose it. Biologists, geologists and the like. More practical based people.

What about this argument that the world climate is changing. Yes it is. Nothing to do with us. The AVERAGE WORLD TEMPERATURE is rising. But it is cooling in other places. Look at a broad perspective. Millions of years ago tomatoes (You say tomato i say tomatoe) were growing on near the north pole. If only the dinosaurs were not burning those fossil fuels, we would have had more food! Okay, that is a bit long ago. Bring it back into time we can relate to a little more. The Romans. No, i'm not going to compare against their thermometers. What is now Libya and Morocco fed the Roman empire. And what do we have now? A whole bunch of sand. So after the dinosaurs left the Romans took up their place and burnt those fossil fuels! How inconsiderate!

Rising sea levels? I lived in Uganda for a while and had a farm by lake Victoria. Due to falling water levels we have an extra 15 meters of beach. Not a sea? Well that water ended up somewhere.

I wont go into the benefits of global warming but hey, the question is: Why exagerate it all?

1. Carbon trading (Money)
2. Scientists need us to be worried enough to fund them (Money)
3. We all know newspapers like to sell. (Money)
4. Money: See reasons 1-3

Yes, i concede the world probably is warming up. Too bad, its a small amount and natural. Stock up on suncream if you want. Nothing bad will happen. We should want global warming to happen. The benefits are numerous.

Lets devote our funds to more pressing things like world hunger and HIV/Aids. We know those are real but hey, theres no money in that i guess.


Susannah said...

Provocative. You'll probably get some tree-huggers angry with this one!

"We humans try to take too much credit for things."


Keep up the good work!

Mullmeister said...

I used to be a tree huger myself. Funny how we change...

Human nature I guess, we see it all the time, especially in relationships.


Samantha said...

I loved the way you put all the points across, the sarcasm and mockery were spot on. Although i know we've had a conversation about this topic in the past it was very fun to read. As Susannah said "Keep it Up"

Mullmeister said...

Thanks, Nice to see you online!

I remember that conversation!


Susannah said...

Just stopping in to say hello & see what's up!

take care

Susannah said...

Of course, you were right...


Mullmeister said...

Hello, been a while Susannah, ive been rather quiet lately but hopefully thats changed now. Its interesting to see other people agree with you, thanks for the link

Mullmeister said...

Hello, been a while Susannah, ive been rather quiet lately but hopefully thats changed now. Its interesting to see other people agree with you, thanks for the link

Susannah said...

Glad to see you're writing again. (See the comments I left in above posts.)

Samantha said, "As Susannah said 'Keep it Up'"

You betcha! ;) One favor -- could you people on the same continent PLEASE keep those East Anglia climate people in line from now on? It would help the rest of us out just a bit.

It's nite, nite for me...bon soir.