Thursday, December 24, 2009


It becomes funny when you realize that the world does not change. Only our perception of it does. Time is an illusion man has created and since time in my opinion does not exist then change does not happen.

"Do I dare to trust this time?
Only those who have been burned before
Ooh, the Bells of Fortune, will I ever hear them chime?
Truly know the meaning of Hell's flaming core

I was the brooding night and you were dawn.
Saving me, for I was forlorn, in your light I am reborn.
Kiss me once and I will surely melt and die,
Looking down into those eyes, I know, I'll be lost and never found again."


Just a few weeks ago these were beautiful lines that i thought were talking about happiness and so on but now they seem of a deep sorrow. "Only those who have been burned before, Truly know the meaning of Hell's flaming core" I guess i've been burned than, perceptions have changed.

Life And Books

Some people look at life as a book with chapters. Birth being the first and death being the last with all the 'Normal' school, university, marriage and kids and so on being the chapters in the middle of all this.

Others are not luck to have book styled lives and it's just one massive scroll with life on one end and death on the other. No chapters, just survival. These people are sometimes looked down on by the book people but hey. Not everyone sticks to the same thing through life. Some may cut up that manuscript and bind it into a book. But i'd rather burn and toss the ashes into the river of life and just go with the flow. Not everyone lives a long 'standard' life and accomplishes things. My greatest accomplishment will be staying happy and living for myself. Too bad if im forgotten.

New Years Resolutions

I have never bothered making new years resolutions because I have never intended to keep any but perhaps i should.

1. I will give God a chance and really make an effort. I know I can't keep that going for long so lets call it until end of February.

2. Put a little more effort into my music and give it a chance.

Enough ranting for now.

Merry Christmas :)


Susannah said...

Merry Christmas, friend. I hope you & yours have had a lovely Christmas.

Santa good to you? ;)

Mullmeister said...

Thanks, hope your Christmas was good too. I enjoyed mine, first quiet one in years.

Santa isn't on good terms with me. Lol. Probably heard a few of my Christmas eve anti-Claus jokes. Maybe next year.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your year and have a Happy new one

Susannah said...

Happy New Year, Mull!

Love your resolutions. Your openness is just lovely. Know that you will be in my prayers for 2010 (even past February!). And good for you w/ your music! Good luck w/ it!

All is well here, kids will be back in school on Monday. Good to get back to a routine, but our Christmas break has been terrific!

Hope you have a wonderful 2010. Glad to be starting a new year w/ a new friend like you!

God bless~

Susannah said...

Whas'up Mull? You doin' okay?

Susannah said...

Still praying for you, my friend. Hope all is well. Be in touch some time when you have a few minutes. Go with God.

Mullmeister said...


Its been a while Susanah. Did not really know how to get a message to you so i guess i will leave one here.

Havent been online lately as i have had a lot going on.

Im going to start writting again soon. This time from the other side.

Thought of changing the name as i guess you could say i am not Atheist anymore. But i think i will stick with it.

Thank you for the help,


Susannah said...

How WONDERFUL to hear from you!!

I've thought of you so much lately, esp as Germany was doing so well in the World Cup. Our 11 y/o son is quite the soccer fan, & had all the games on. I cheered really hard for Germany (after the US was eliminated). ;)

Would love to hear what's been going on w/ your life, & really look forward to reading your upcoming posts (regardless of the name) - "from the other side."
Wow. God is so good.

Oh, & you can email me any time @ It's posted in my blog profile.

Take good care~